Status: Work In progress


The Chambers await

Chambers is a game where you are given a set of tools that they must utilize in order to progress. Each level requires a series of events that needs to occur in order to progress to the next, and its up to you to figure it out. Creative thinking and problem solving are desirable traits to have in these chambers...


Three main mechanics: Shoot things to teleport to them, shoot things to perform an action (differs) and using orbs, which are essentially keys, to open doors. 

The three mechanics are all represented by color coded orbs which are placed around the levels. Everything the player needs to progress to the next level is given to them, but they have to figure out how to use the tools given to win. 

This game is heavily influenced by the Portal games.

Future Goals

This game is a side project that I have committed some of my extra time to and as such I have many plans for this game. I have many level ideas and mechanics that I want to implement; such as a level being completely black and white so that the player needs to experiment and memorize what things do and a mechanic that allows the player to place their own teleportation orbs where ever they want; giving the player more power in the levels and giving me the ability to make more open levels which leaves the player to their own devices.