Its a looney cartoony world out there

Its a looney cartoony world out there

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Looney Nights is a time management game where the player takes on the role of a night club manager in cartoon town. As manager, its the players responsibility to keep the club in order as the toons start acting up in their cartoony ways. 

Role: Lead Game Designer, Programmer


Looney Nights gameplay consists of clicking and dragging various characters and items to perform specific tasks to ensure that the peace is kept and the night club can remain functional. These task include, but are not limited to: deflating constantly inflating lustful eyes, ensuring anvils aren't being dropped on unsuspecting customers heads, keeping customers from getting physical with the sexy can-can dancers, replacing power generators and quickly disposing bombs before they blow up the whole room. The amount of disorder that is occurring in each room is represented by a bar. Once the bar fills up, the rooms is lost to the cartoons. 

As the game progresses, the amount of things that need to be kept in check increases. The only way to win is to learn how to properly manage all the stressors the night life has to offer.


The teams artist had experience in both 3D modeling and 2D drawing, giving us a options for the art direction. After much discussion we landed on a mixture of 3D and 2D art. This combination was inspired from the popular mobile game Fallout Shelter. We wanted a 3D world so that we can show details and depth of the environment but we also wanted to keep the cartoons in 2D, as they were during the golden days of cartoons.


The sound for the game consists of various warning sounds such as a wolf whistle to an evil snicker. These are to inform the player that something is either about to happen or is currently happening that requires their attention.

The soundtrack of the game is all classical pieces, such as the can-can, or remixes of classical pieces. This was to keep with the tradition of cartoons being accompanied by classical music. 


When our team first started on the game, we had a lot of ideas of what we could do with this game. Too many ideas for our own good. At first, we made a lot of progress, but then we began to run into technical issues and scheduling issues. Because we only had a few weeks to work on this together, we had to cut content that was either not working properly or content that we couldn't make fun. 

In spite of these issues, we came up with a solid project that all three of us are proud of and its something, if given the chance, we would love to work on again. I truly believe that this concept has limitless potential and, if expanded on further, could really be something great.