Status: Still In development

This project is a personal project experimenting with the potential of complete darkness gameplay. 

The primary game mechanic is using a camera to take a picture which causes its flash to go off. That flash offers a brief moment of light with which the player can navigate an environment which is completely dark. The overall theme of the game would be of an eerie nature. Due to the complete darkness, the game is already half way in accomplishing this theme. With the addition of ambient sound track, sound effects and an element of the unknown an effective sense of eeriness can be achieved. 

Beyond using brief moments of light for navigation, there is a system in place to permanently illuminate certain objects in the environment; giving the player a sense of their whereabouts without constantly flashing the camera. 

The objective / goal of this game is still in development. Many who have seen this prototype have commented that "Its missing that something". I agree with this feedback and I'm still milling over what that something should be. I have come up with many ideas as to what that something could be. Many lay beyond my programing skill (i.e AI) with the rest falling sort of meeting the 'demand' of 'that something'.